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OAACE awards scholarships each year to encourage continuing education as well as excellence in High School Equivalency (HSE) achievement.  

These scholarships have helped numerous adult education students continue their education with monetary awards up to $1,000 to pay for the cost of their educational expenses. 
What a great honor it is for students to be recognized by their instructors and receive scholarship monies to help pay for their higher education. 

The Non-Member scholarships are for adult students that are not OAACE members and meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

Non-member scholarship form can be accessed by clicking on the non-member form link below.

The scholarship Deadline has passed for 2018.  Check back in spring of 2019 for scholarship applications. 


Charley Flaig Lifelong Learning
Linda Luca Scholarship 
Max Way; (only applicable for Southeast Ohio)


The OAACE Member Scholarship is for OAACE members only! 

Click MEMBER 2018-OAACE-Scholarship-application to access scholarship form (for OAACE members only). 


2017 Scholarship Recipients: Terri Lavin- OAACE Member
                                                  Dennis Morris- Max Way winner
                                                  Crystal Davis- Linda Luca winner
                                                  Stephanie Wright- Charley Flaig winner 


2016 Scholarship Recipients are: Kristy Brown, Max Way Scholarship
Sametta Seagle, Charley Flaig Scholarship

2016 COABE Leaner of the Year Award winner is: Margo Hudson, Seeds of Literacy Graduate and tutor

Past Years’ Scholarship winners:
LaWon Sellars, 2015
Eric Netter & Mia Davenport, 2014
Marilyn Troyer, 2013
Kayla McCoy, 2012
David Borders, 2011
Nina Brown, 2010
Linda A Elston, 2009
Lynn Isaacs, 2007
Patricia Gochenour, 2006
Elise Learner , 2005
Tiffany Gardner, 2004
Kimberly Trager, 2003
Christine Lowe, 2002

Linda Luca Scholarship

Jessica Gundlach, 2015
Angelina Luzier-DeCanio, 2012
Adel Burchett, 2011
Dustin O. Kennedy, 2010
Mariah Lee Wolfel, 2009
Kevin O’Hara, 2008
Aaron Allen, 2007
Anthony Phillips, 2006
David Pricer, 2005
Michael Clark, 2004
Colin Pugh, 2003
Kenneth Hughes, 2002

Max Way Scholarship

Jessica Gundlach, 2015
Mildred Powell, 2014
Elizabeth Puckett, 2013
Karen Oyler, 2012
Chelsea Lancaster, 2011
Shannon R. Booth, 2010
Kari Wachenschwanz, 2009
Laura Urbanek, 2008
Sylvia Rankin, 2007
Melissa Hopper, 2006
Misty Goble, 2005
Al Jay Stamper, 2004
Heather Tipton, 2003
Anita Tabler, 2002

OAACE Member Scholarship

Hayley Williams, 2015 
Marjorie Drinan, 2014
Debbie Kubacki, 2013
Jennifer Davis, 2012
Sharon Reynolds, 2011
Shelly Vulgamore, 2010
Joyce Winters, 2009
Heidi Beauregard, 2008
Anne Colombo, 2007
Jena Blacke, 2006
Kimberly Smith, 2004
Susan Eschrich, 2003
Connie Zang, 2002